1. Pangea Chat | Backend Engineer | Richmond, Virginia

    • Develop Event Driven chatbot to communicate with users using Python, Langchain and Pinecone.
    • Implement Event Driven scheduling feature for chatbot using Python, AWS SQS, and AWS EventBridge.
    • Engineer Event Driven moderation feature for chatbot using Celery (Python), RabbitMQ, and Redis.
    • Integrate Terraform to manage infrastructures: AWS ECS, AWS VPC, AWS IAM and AWS EventBridge.
    • Architect CI/CD pipelines for deploying chatbot, Redis and RabbitMQ to AWS ECS usingGithub Actions.
  2. Century International Development Investment | Backend Engineer | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    • Developed internal RESTful end-to-end encrypted Chat service using Matrix Synapse, Python and PostgreSQL.
    • Implemented Event Driven Calendar service with recurrent events using Java, MongoDB and AWS SQS.
    • Engineered Event Driven Notification service using Java, AWS SNS, AWS SES and AWS SQS.
    • Integrate Terraform to manage infrastructures: AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS SES, AWS SNS and AWS SQS.
    • Architected CI/CD pipelines for deploying Chat service to AWS ECS, Calendar service to AWS Lambda and Notification service to AWS Lambda; run tests and code coverage using Github Actions and Webhooks.
  3. Designer Brands Inc. | Cloud Application Engineer Intern | Columbus, Ohio

    • Developed features for 3 cloud-based microservices for www.dsw.com using Express.js and Typescript.
    • Solved 13 major tasks in Content, Location, and Configuration microservice, all of which were production-ready.
    • Implemented Python scripts to migrate 2000+ product categories and 3000+ product pages from Oracle proprietary software to internal apps using PostgreSQL andKubernetes, decreased initial page load time by 0.2 second.
    • Developed features to restrict debug responses of microservices to internal developers with whitelisted IP addresses, reduced production outbound bandwidth by 2%.
  4. DeerX | Co-Founder | Fullstack Engineer

    • Establish an open source community for Denison students to get started on open source contributions.
    • Leading a team of 7 core engineers to develop full stack mobile application using Agile Sprint management system.
    • Engineer RESTful open market system to post items for sale using Firebase and React Native (Typescript).
    • Develop a RESTful chat system using Firebase Cloud Function and React Native (Typescript).
    • Integrate Event Driven notification system using Firebase Cloud Messaging and Firebase Cloud Function.